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Absa Group Limited is one of South Africa's largest financial services groups. Absa is a subsidiary of Barclays Bank PLC (Barclays) and offers a complete range of retail, business, corporate and investment banking, insurance and wealth management products and services. Through the Barclays Africa footprint, businesses have access to opportunities in Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Retail Markets

The purpose of the Retail Markets cluster is to favourably and responsibly grow our SA retail (personal consumer) franchise through a concerted focus on customer sales and service, supported by superior products to all customer segments.


We focus on unique value propositions and service offerings determined by the unique customer persona, behavioural dynamics and economics of every customer grouping or segment. Products are designed according to the functional job to be done in terms of transactions, savings, investments and insurance. We are the 'Go-To' bank when customers want to buy a house or car, or want a debit or credit card.

Our teams continuously focus on delivering a unique frontline customer experience through all touch points at all digital/technological or personal, face-to-face interfaces. Continuous innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of new developments in customer engagement and interaction. In addition to living the Absa values, we emphasise collaboration without boundaries (working with local and international colleagues to support the One Africa vision) and seek to be a positive force in society.



Business Markets


The growth of South Africa's economy and the sustained prosperity of its people depend on the creation of new wealth and the growth of sustainable businesses in the commercial sector. Absa Business Markets is well positioned to deliver superior products and services to the business market. Our commitment to service excellence extends beyond perceived traditional boundaries.

The combined strengths of Absa and Barclays allow us to offer in-depth expertise and skills, as well as best-of-breed products and global solutions required to meet our customers' specific business needs. Absa Business Markets' value proposition considers business from three different but interconnected perspectives:

  • Build effective business relationships with our customers through our Relationship Executives. Their main task is to determine business needs and provide appropriate financial solutions.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the industry within which customers operate, including construction, manufacturing, retail, franchising, professional markets, logistics, transport and agriculture.

  • A portfolio of products aimed at providing very specific financial solutions, ranging from standard transactional products and payroll solutions to highly specialised products designed for a specific sector or business need.

The South African economy displays massive growth potential. A wealth of opportunities exists for the creation and development of businesses. We are not only ideally positioned as a financial partner in the corporate and business space, but we also actively support industry events and initiatives.

Being a true partner is about adding value, and adding value is more than just a financial relationship - it is about support and about providing a collaborative platform for networking and growth across all sectors and industries in the South African economy. In addition to efforts to promote entrepreneurship and assist businesses of all types, we also have an extensive social investment programme focusing primarily on job creation for marginalised communities, primary and secondary school education and the battle against HIV/Aids.


Corporate Investment Banking and Wealth (CIBW)

The Corporate and Investment Banking division of Absa is seamlessly aligned with the Investment Banking and Corporate Banking divisions of Barclays. The Corporate and Investment Banking division is in the enviable position of being one of the few investment firms in South Africa able to leverage an extensive global network to provide a full suite of financing, investment and advisory solutions.

The firm's approach is supported by products and services, access to world-class technology and product expertise as well as an enviable balance sheet through Absa Bank Ltd and Barclays PLC. Our intimate knowledge of local market dynamics ensures that our solutions are appropriate and competitive within sub-Saharan Africa.

With a distinctive business model, the Corporate and Investment Banking division provides large corporate, government and institutional clients with a full spectrum of solutions to their strategic advisory, financing and risk management needs.

The Wealth Management business of Absa was created in 2008 when the top end of the bank's private banking clients was relocated under a dedicated service channel. As a result, significant investments were made to build and grow the business. In its efforts to become the preferred partner for clients and make their lives much easier, Absa recruited highly talented individuals with the right skill set to provide effective leadership and drive this high-performing business.

Affiliated to the Wealth and Investment Management division of Barclays PLC, the firm provides holistic international wealth solutions, wealth management, investment management and structured lending to its high-net-worth and family office clients in South Africa. The Wealth Management business is fully supported by both Absa and Barclays. It is an authorised financial services and registered credit provider.

The firm's propositions are tailored to meet the needs of its clients and leverage off global and local expertise. Globally, Barclays is the leading wealth manager, and is the largest in the UK with total client assets of £176.1 billion. With offices in over 20 countries, Barclays focuses on private and intermediary clients worldwide, providing international and private banking, investment management, fiduciary services and brokerage.


Absa Financial Services (AFS)

Absa Financial Services has a unique bancassurance business model, having combined the strengths of a well-established bancassurer in the Absa Group, with a diversified portfolio of products and services and the largest broker distribution network in South Africa.

Insurance expertise

Absa Insurance focuses on a broad range of insurance solutions, while our team of dedicated specialists strives to offer a one-stop business insurance solution covering most of our clients' needs. To be able to offer our clients the most suitable products, our product development team scans the environment to identify trends that could impact on the business and individuals, thereby developing easy-to-use products with risk mitigation as one of the primary focus areas.

Absa Insurance believes in treating our clients fairly; pride ourselves on offering an efficient client service and aims to develop suitable and affordable insurance solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Our insurance offerings include:

  • Commercial, industrial and agricultural insurance, which include enhanced product offerings distributed to the relevant target market via internal and external intermediaries.

  • Consumer insurance focuses on the client's individual short-term requirements, offering a wide range of cover for the client.

  • Absa Takaful, which offers comprehensive, reliable and Shari'ah-compliant insurance cover for vehicles, household content and business. This Islamic insurance offering includes a range of additional benefits and assistance programmes and is offered to both Muslim and non-Muslim customers.

Absa Insurance uses Absa and Barclays experience on the African continent as well as its bancassurance models to provide products that are suitable for each country.


Absa, the No. 1 Banking Brand in South Africa


Absa is a household name in South Africa and has received many accolades. In 2012, Absa was awarded the Top Banking Brand in South Africa for the sixth time, an accolade we are proud of as it validates the value and trust that our customers bestow on us to realise their dreams and aspirations.


Absa and Barclays combining skills to offer you the best

Barclays has been running banking operations in Africa for more than 100 years, and has ensured that its culture of excellence has been carried through to all its businesses, boasting accolades and key achievements in various countries. Barclays footprint in Africa is indicative of our growth expansion plans to identify new profitable opportunities throughout the African continent.

With Barclays Africa (Barclays and Absa), we can offer you coverage in the most strategic parts of the world - wherever your business chooses to grow. It is our strategic objective to leverage off each other's businesses to offer our customers and clients excellent service, financial services expertise and access to banking. Barclays Africa intends to be the best financial services provider in selected African markets.