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At Active Operations Management International (AOMi) we believe that the most significant cause of low performance in a processing environment is individuals not having the right amount of work to do in the time available. The use of our innovative approach to operations management, Active Operations Management (AOM™), ensures that the people available at any given time are matched to the work to be completed, thereby balancing the requirements for quality, service levels and cost.

With global operations in six international regions, AOMi is a world leader in the improvement of performance in service operations. AOM has been adopted in over 35 countries by clients who recognise the value of consistent operations management; over 40,000 of our clients' employees are actively managed by the AOM approach. Reflecting our global reach since forming in 2005, AOMi received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2011.



What is AOM?

AOM is an innovative approach to operations management that focuses front-line managers and their staff on the achievement of quality and service levels at the optimum cost. AOM transforms the typical top-down, data-driven, command-and‑control management style into a collaborative, method‑driven, bottom-up culture, where good decisions are made daily at the heart of the operation. Primarily, AOM drives fundamental and lasting change in management behaviours. It achieves this by concentrating on three aspects: Method, Skills and Tools. These are introduced to your organisation through a structured 12-16 week implementation programme.


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AOM Method

The AOM Method plays a pivotal role in the success of AOM, defining the essential daily, weekly and monthly planning and control processes required to better manage and improve performance.

AOM Method: enabling confident and active decision-making through consistent best‑practice processes.


AOM Skills

AOM Skills equip managers with the relevant competencies and behaviours to actively manage their staff at an individual level. They allow managers to make better-informed decisions and provide a framework for effective communication and feedback.

AOM Skills: developing well-informed, confident and professional managers.



AOM Tools

AOM Tools convert data into information and, together with the AOM Method, provide skilled managers with the intelligence and ability to make confident decisions.

AOM Tools: powerful, insightful and easy-to-use technology that brings clarity and confidence to managers' decisions.




How AOM can work for you


The AOM Method, Skills and Tools are taught and embedded into your organisation as part of a 12-16 week AOM implementation programme. This programme introduces and integrates AOM into your weekly, monthly and annual planning and control processes.


The AOM sustainability package ensures that your initial gains are repeatable, sustainable and embedded into the infrastructure of your business. The package involves a range of on-site services that aim to refresh the AOM Skills of current managers over time and train new members of staff.


The benefits of AOM are realised very quickly, with results experienced even within the first 6-8 weeks of implementation. Benefits in the first year generally consist of productivity improvements in the region of 15%-40%.

Accreditation and Certification

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In order to recognise the AOM skills and knowledge gained by participants in an AOM implementation, we have developed our own accreditation and certification programme. This means that participants who receive training in AOM Skills have the opportunity to complete a formal certification route with an internationally recognised awarding body.

In Africa, all aspects of the AOM approach are accredited by the Services Sector Training Authority (SETA). The AOM approach is also accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), and is registered against the relevant unit standards in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

As a SETA-accredited training provider, our Performance Improvement Coaches are qualified to provide comprehensive coaching and training for team leaders, departmental managers and executives in AOM, and to assess all participants in the skills and knowledge gained through an AOM implementation. We annually run assessments, which consist of an online examination followed by one-to-one interviews in the workplace. Through these assessments participants can gain credits that can contribute towards a SETA-recognised qualification.

As AOMi are accredited by SETA, organisations participating in an AOM implementation are able to reclaim any associated costs through a grant from the Skills Development Fund up to the value of 40% of their total Skills Development Levy (SDL) for the year. Effectively, this means that-apart from generating guaranteed benefits in productivity, control and cost reduction-up to 100% of the implementation could be funded through an organisation's skills development commitment.

In Botswana, the AOM approach is accredited by the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA), and companies participating in an AOM implementation here are able to receive grants equating to up to 100% of their skills development spend.

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