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Department-specific Contacts

  • Ian Carr
    Head of Global Banking, Africa

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4200

  • Ernest Matthewson
    Head of Advisory & Global Capital Finance

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4200

  • Edward Oulton
    Treasurer and Head of Global Markets

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4200

  • Franca Di Silvestro
    Head of Equities Research

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4200

  • Darryl Hardiman
    Vice President - Trade and Supply Chain

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4424

  • Myra Morgan-Zlatev
    Senior Vice President, Trade and Supply Chain

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4543

  • Nazeem Mohammed
    Manager, Product Development - Trade and Supply Chain

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4541

  • Idrees Kolabhai
    Head of Payments and Cash Management, Africa

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4556

  • Gary Kleinhans
    Vice President Sales, Payments and Cash Management, Africa

    Tel: +27 (0) 11 676 4639


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HSBC Africa

About Us

HSBC established a presence in South Africa post 1995. As an integrated and collaborative member of the Group, HSBC Africa provides clients' global reach and capability with in-depth local knowledge. Our principal activity across the region is that of our Global Banking and Markets business.

The Business is managed out of the Regional Hub in Johannesburg, complimented through regional representative offices thereby ensuring our local relationship managers and product specialists tailor international products to our African based client needs. Our Commercial Banking business offers the same services to large local and international corporates.

The third activity within the African portfolio is the representative office of our offshore personal bank, based in the Channel Islands, which services African-based Premier clients.

Throughout our history we have been where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions. This is our role and purpose.



HSBC aims to meet its present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. We publicly state our commitment to the principles of sustainable development, and aim to implement these across the following areas:

Sustainable finance

We aim to be at the forefront of the development of sustainable business, by actively looking for opportunities that have an environmental and social benefit as well as a viable economic return.

HSBC manages the potential social and environmental risks associated with its lending and investment by following international standards of good practice and was the first major bank to sign-up to the Equator Principles. We also develop and adhere to our own internal policies, based on international best practice and input from various stakeholders.

Direct Impacts

With 8,500 offices and 300,000 employees the Group is very much aware of the direct impact its operations can have on the planet. We actively manage this by operating as efficiently as possible and integrating environmental measures throughout our businesses. Our focus and measured targets involve: energy, water, waste and carbon dioxide.

In 2005, HSBC was the first major bank and FTSE 100 Company to become carbon neutral.

Community Investment

We recognise that a thriving society is critical to our future success as bank. That is why we focus our community investment activity on education and the environment - the fundamental building blocks for the development of societies.

Our approach is not to give money and walk away. We partner with world class charities that are making a difference, and we remain involved in the decisions about how the money is spent. We actively encourage staff participation and in 2008, volunteered over 400,000 hours of company time to charity.


Global Banking

Global Banking is one of the main businesses within HSBC's Global Banking and Markets division. We serve the needs of major corporate and institutional clients around the world. Our collective knowledge of global economies, industries and institutions, together with our understanding of local markets and cultures worldwide helps us deliver innovative, integrated financial solutions to our clients.

Global Banking Divisions:

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Multinational Corporations
Financial Institutions Group ("FIG")
Government Sector
Project Finance
Strategic Financing Advisory
Equity Capital Markets


Global Markets

HSBC's global markets business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. With 87 treasury sites in over 60 territories, we combine sophisticated 24-hour global coverage with detailed local market knowledge. We are a trusted partner to the world's central banks, international and local corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and other market participants.

Our expertise, size and reach enable us to provide unrivalled advice, and financial services to meet our clients' global and local needs.

For more on our products and services:

Securities Finance
Treasury and Capital Markets
Debt Capital Markets


Trade & Supply Chain

Established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between China and Europe, HSBC has grown to one of the largest trade services organisations in the world. We have more relationships with suppliers and buyers than any other trade services institution and are able to offer greater trade efficiency, speed and cost effectiveness, especially when counterparties bank with us on both sides.

Combining our global expertise and connectivity with local knowledge, our African team takes a consultative approach to understand our clients' business and create a full range of tailored solutions to meet their needs. Through advanced ITS-enabled technology, we enable importers and exporters to:

  • streamline trade processes

  • reduce trade cycles

  • automate supply chains

  • gain greater control

  • cut costs

As part of a global network of dedicated trade centres, our local team facilitates trade across the African continent, with key markets including Angola; Ethiopia; Ghana; Kenya; Nigeria; Uganda; South Africa and Tanzania

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HSBC Africa offers a range of Trade and Supply Chain solutions. Our products are designed to simplify the process, mitigate risk and maximise financial management for both importers and exporters. Download product brochures for our trade solutions including:

Export Documentary Credit Solution (PDF 396KB)

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Export Documentary Credit Transfer (PDF 524KB)

Export Documentary Credit Confirmation (PDF 170KB)

Export Documentary Collection Solution (PDF 389KB)

Export Finance Solution (PDF 499KB)

Import Documentary Credit Solution (PDF 363KB)

Import Documentary Collection Solution (PDF 417KB)

Import Finance Solution (PDF 135KB)

Forfaiting (PDF 185KB)

HSBCnet (PDF 139KB)


Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking (CMB) in South Africa consists of a dedicated team of Relationship Managers responsible for initiating, developing and managing long-term relationships with clients across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to be the leading international business bank, providing global products and services in a consistent and seamless manner.

With the global footprint of HSBC and CMB in particular, the local team of Relationship Managers work closely with colleagues around the world, giving local clients access to other countries and international relationship managers, whilst providing the same to overseas clients.

We offer a full range of debt, trade finance, cash management, treasury and capital markets products. CMB clients will also enjoy Investment Banking Services offered through our Johannesburg based team.

Our current target market focuses on the South African market, with the following clients:

  • Multinational companies with a presence in the region (with particular focus on companies with existing HSBC relationships globally)

  • Large Local Corporates (minimum turnover of USD 50 million per annum) with international or cross-border ambitions or needs.

The local team is the initial point of contact between the client and the Group's global products and services, which include:

  • Investment banking

  • Global Markets, including Debt Capital Markets

  • Trade and Supply Chain Management

  • Payments and Cash management


Payments and Cash Management

We are a leader in the provision of cash management services to over 445,000 customers globally, including Fortune 500 multinationals, top-tier local corporate, mid-caps, SMEs, financial institutions and government bodies.

Apace with growing domestic and global complexities, HSBC delivers tailored cost-effective solutions to help our customers achieve:

  • real-time cash flow co-ordination

  • improved security and audit controls

  • minimised costs and reduced operating expenses

  • simplified reconciliation and risk management

Our approach is to understand our clients' cash management requirements through a consultative process and tailor solutions which respond directly to their evolving needs, be they local or global. We are committed to having the best products, expertise and resources possible to get the most from our client's financial assets.

Through our consultative approach in tailoring a cash management solution that works best for your company, HSBC brings you 'truly integrated' solutions designed to integrate with your business systems providing greater efficiencies in real-time information, control and management.

Our business is made up of almost 10,000 people, across more than 60 countries. HSBC PCM is uniquely positioned to help clients make payments across borders, across currencies and regulations, quickly and cost effectively with dedicated in country and regional support.

Increasing regulation, tighter credit availability, the rise of faster growing markets and increasing globalisation of the world economy have all led to an increase in the importance of world class cash management. HSBC's PCM business is well placed to help clients effectively manage their cash.

The most important way we help customers is through our international connectivity. HSBC's geographic footprint covers 77% of global trade. Our experts work with colleagues and clients across the world, helping customers do business across borders.

Our products

HSBC PCM provides financial institutions and companies with a comprehensive suite of market leading, innovative solutions and products to help them do business every day. We provide direct corporate connectivity to SWIFT as a single, multi-bank channel complemented by HSBC's proprietary systems, HSBCnet and HSBC Connect.

PCM Product Families

Priority Payments

(High Value Payments/Funds Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer)

Provides domestic and international electronic funds transfers in multiple currencies with settlement of payments achieved through local clearing systems, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems, or a network of correspondent banks.


ACH (Low Value/Electronic Funds Transfer)

Includes electronic, outward payment instructions originated by customers to credit/debit domestic accounts and inward debit/credit instructions from other banks or HSBC customers. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment clients clear through domestic systems and generally, but not always, deliver high volume instructions in bulk for HSBC to process and settled to a single HSBC account.


Collection Services Alliances

Alliance with other bank and non-bank partners to use their infrastructure to collect for our customers. In countries where HSBC does have a presence it extends our geographic coverage.

Receivables Management

Provides collections data enrichment services, collections reporting, and receivables reconciliation services to our customers to facilitate their receivables management process.

Balance and Transaction Reporting

Reporting of account balances and transaction activity.

Automated Investment Sweep

End of Day automated movement of funds to different investment end points.


Deposit Account

All interest bearing, non interest bearing, savings, term and other hybrid investment products.

Cash Concentration

Physical transfer of funds between accounts for the purpose of concentrating funds to a central point.



Key facts 2012

  • HSBC has been voted by our customers from Financial and Non-Financial Institutions as the best cash management bank in the world in Euromoney's Cash Management Survey.

  • HSBCnet and HSBC Connect are used by over 70,000 clients (and growing), comprising more than 435,000 corporate users located across 205 countries and territories. Users initiated over 352 million payment transactions so far this year.

  • HSBCnet Mobile has 6,000 customers who have authorised over 40,000 payments worth a total of $5 billion in 67 markets

  • PCM across North America is the 3rd largest mover of US$ in CHIPs and a key originator of ACH payments, the largest foreign bank PCM business in Canada and overall PCM business in Bermuda.

  • Leadership across the Middle East, with geographical coverage of 14 countries.

  • Leadership across 20 markets in Asia Pacific.

  • Access to more than 50 major clearing systems across Europe.


HSBC Bank plc is incorporated in the United Kingdom, registration number 14259.
Johannesburg Branch registration number 2003/004613/10.
An Authorised Financial Services Provider.