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UK Office:

Pasco Risk Management

London Office
2nd Floor, King Scholars House,
230 Vauxhall Bridge Road,

Phone: +44 (0)203 262 0055


Contact name: David Middleton

South African Office:

Pasco Risk Management

First Floor, Building 2,
22 Ealing Crescent,
Silver Point Office Park,
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)11 510 1800


Contact name: Trudy Casey





Think Differently about South Africa

South Africa and the continent are where your business needs to be and so you've set yourself the goal of getting ahead of the pack. Maybe you are thinking about new business opportunities or looking for a local partner. Why? Because the country is rich in countless resources and you already see the returns to be made from potentially promising business deals.

You can identify the opportunities yourself. You know what you can offer in emerging markets, where you can lead. You have the people and services to get the results you want. But you're not sure how to navigate through the myriad challenges new markets raise, the confusing mix of local customs or traditions, unfamiliar laws and different business standards.

The problem is, you don't know to whom to speak, whom to trust, what systems to put in place to ensure that operations run smoothly, how the political environment and compliance legislation may impact your venture. More often than not you end up investing time and money fixing problem, resources which could be better used to grow your business. A small investment of time to check things out before you sign a deal could be the best investment you ever made.

Think Pasco

That's where we play a crucial role. We are emerging market specialists. With our extensive on the ground coverage, smart-thinking partnerships and collective experience gathered over years, we know who the key decision makers are, to whom to speak and what working in emerging markets really means. We get you right answers when you need them, an accurate and frank assessment of the realities on the ground so you can evaluate your risks, manage them and invest with greater confidence. Trust based long term relationships are what we offer to drive the great business and investment decisions our clients make from the informed solutions we provide for them. We can provide them to you too.

We make The Difference

Since 1996, across 85 countries, we have built our reputation as a leader, not just in offering the critical insights our clients want, but also in providing the right advice with integrity. As a member of the Royal Bafokeng group, we are a risk consulting company with a global reach, ideally positioned at the intersection of developed and developing markets. With the ability to obtain results swiftly, complemented by a highly skilled team, our professional portfolio spans key sectors across all emerging markets. We offer specially tailored, customer focused services, whether you are looking to invest in politically stable and growing economies or high risk, high return environments.

The services we offer to help you win the race in emerging markets include political and economic intelligence to support pre-and post investment transactions, a well informed view of what is happening in country, due diligence and partner compliance verification, Security Assessments - How to protect you, your staff and your company from potential threats, Forensic Investigation, asset tracing and asset recovery.

Pre and Post Transaction Intelligence and Compliance

  • Political, economic, business and competitive intelligence

  • Vendor, Third Party and Counter-party Due Diligence

  • Employee Background screening

  • Third party and vendor screening and compliance

With an exclusive network of correspondents, we have the necessary experience and expertise to conduct due diligence on potential partners or stakeholders, to analyse and identify breaches of corporate governance by stakeholders or partners and to investigate compliance with regulations.

We are perfectly placed to provide accurate analysis and opinion on the latest political developments regionally or in a specific country and to give informed advice on specific risks or concerns for individual clients. Our unblemished track record of advising blue chip clients has helped to give them the competitive edge needed to succeed in developing markets.

Security Advice and Assessment:

  • Security consulting and Travel risk management

  • Crisis planning and response

  • Kidnap for ransom response training

  • Security management training

With our uncompromising commitment to quality and access to key influencers and decision makers, we can help you combat risks and optimise your potential.

Forensic Investigation and Asset Recovery:

  • Fraud and regulatory compliance investigations

  • Financial and computer investigations

  • Asset search and recovery

  • Litigation support and dispute resolution.

Assisting state and private enterprises in Africa, the Middle East and the BRICS countries to manage risks and to optimise potential, we undertake both simple and complex fraud investigations, asset tracing and recovery on behalf of our clients in multi jurisdictional locations and regulatory regions.

Work with Intelligence

Making the complex simple, keeping clients safe, benefiting your business through our knowledge, on the ground experience and extensive contacts, and transforming risk into returns is what we do at Pasco. We look forward to working with you.